Dani Poe offers multiple creative opportunities at Lee Academy. Read more about Dani and her inspirations at the bottom of this page.

Creative Events and Workshops for Adults

Poetic Painting
Next workshop TBA

Sign up and class will be scheduled when a minimum of 5 people are registered.

Paint along with friends with guided encouragement from the instructor. Ms. Dani Poe will guide you through the story of some of your favorite paintings and their creators. Beginners will gain confidence & skill and the experienced painter will enjoy a fun evening of art, laughs, and friends. All supplies provided except the snacks and drinks.  

$35.00 per person, Maximum of 20 people.
Ages 18+

Must have minimum of 5 registered for the class.

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Creative Events and Workshops for Children and Teens

Currently closed. 

Past Classes

Poetic Painting - August 2017

Poetic painting - September 2017

Future Planned Paintings

September: Claude Monet's
Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies

Vincent van Gogh's
Starry Night

Franz Marc's Blue Horse

HenriMatisse's Goldfish


February: Claude Monet's San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk

About Dani Poe

Dani obtained a liberal Arts degree from Colorado Christian University, where she studied elementary education with an emphasis in reading and then became certified to work with learning disabilities. Over the years her title of “teacher” adapted to “Artist” and “art teacher”. A full time mother and wife, Dani taught Art at the Classical School of Wichita for 8 years and also ran Poetic Painting Parties as well as teaching home-school students. Currently she is working on finishing up illustrations for a book of Old Testament poems written by children.

She has no formal training in art, but devours any information on the subject. She makes time during her children’s naps creating reproductions of her favorite pieces in order to understand their appeal and technique.  She never sticks to one style or form of art very long. Bouncing from gouache for her illustrations, oil paints for her own impasto paintings of the Kansas landscape, and acrylics to capture her children or to mimic masterpieces she is wanting to study in depth. While this makes for an eclectic collection, her skill is rough and can be seen in most of her work. This hold both positive and negative aspects to her paintings. It all depends on the viewer’s opinion.

“I love Art. I think it should be fun.  Most everyone sings in the shower or in the car, not caring who is listening. I think the same should stand for creating art. We were told to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Noisy is a great description of my singing, just ask my hubby. Well I make colorful pictures to worship my God too! Just happens my pictures look better than my singing sounds. So I am more willing to make my paintings public and to keep my singing to those who can tolerate it such as, my dogs, children and the poor souls who sit to close to me on Sundays.”

Read more from Dani in "Why I Paint by Dani Poe."

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