Thriving Wellness Workshop

Our three-week Thriving Wellness Workshop is intended to create a constructive space for supporting and uplifting each other by uplifting ourselves. The focus will be on connecting with nature, choosing happiness, and taking care of the body and mind. Our goal is to fill ourselves with the peace and clarity that will benefit us all!

Check the Class Information page for specifics on registering and available dates, times, and fees.


Instructors Bios

Olivia Smith
"I've spent my entire life, thus far, in Paris! I love my friends and family, and especially my two children and husband, who I spend my majority of time with, as I home-school my children. I enjoy growing vegetables in garden pots and herbal medicine remedies. I Thrive on helping others Love themselves, and seeing the Light in each and every one of you/us! I am delighted to connect with those who come to Lee School, to learn Thriving Wellness tools! "


Harmon McAfee
"I was raised in Paris, and graduated from UT Knoxville with a degree in psychology. I enjoy camping, gardening, reading, art, traveling, and new experiences! I try to focus on living a healthier and more conscious lifestyle, learning from my experiences and the people around me, and helping others when I can. I'm excited for this opportunity with Lee School!"